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Based in Galesburg, IL, Plue’s Tree Service and Landscaping is family-owned and operated, servicing Knoxille, Abingdon, Cameron, Monmouth, Alexis, Burlington, Aledo, Geneseo, Kewanee, Wyoming, Princeville, Oak Run, and other nearby communities.

We will walk your property with you, going over the scope of work needed, and offering you a fair price.

We offer a range of tree and yard services that will help beautify and improve your property.

Tree removal

Whether the tree was downed in a storm, is damaged or diseased, or you’re looking to expand your lawn, we will safely cut up and remove the tree, leaving your yard clean. emergency tree removal services are available also.

Trimming and shaping

Trimming and shaping can result in improved health and appearance for your trees. We can remove damaged limbs, and thin out competing branches, raising the canopy and encouraging extra flowering

Stump grinding

Stumps left behind can invite infestation, look unsightly, impede lawnmowers, and even be hazardous to personal safety. We have the tools and equipment needed to grind down and extract stumps properly.  


Bush removal

We can help remove unwanted, overgrown, or dying bushes and shrubs from your property, allowing you to either replant, or expand your lawn.

Dirt work

Whether looking to fill in a small depression, or level off an area, we can help grade your property to your specifications.

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