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About Us

Plue’s Tree Service and Landscaping was started in 2006 with an old-school focus on customer service and quality work. Nicky Plue, a former night-shift welder at Butler Manufacturing, believed that if he treated his customers right, they would repay him with referrals, helping his business grow.

That strategy has paid off, as Plue’s Tree Service and Landscaping has grown into the first choice among homeowners around Galesburg, IL.

Plue’s is family-owned and operated, and customers know they can count on being treated like family themselves. They know Plue’s will collaborate with them to determine the full scope of work needed. They know they’ll get a good price. They know that Plue’s trained, skilled staff will work quickly to fully complete the job in just one day, leaving your property clean and beautiful. And they know about Plue’s commitment to working safely, preventing any damage to their home or property.    

Hundreds of homeowners have improved the look, space, and value of their property with the help of Plue’s Tree Service and Landscaping

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